Friday, February 1, 2019

January 2019 Dividend Income

Here we are once again. I am rapid firing these posts. That will probably slow down soon, but for now, I wanted to get a jump on 2019, and post my first round of dividends. So without further ado, here are my January 2019 dividends.

So for starters, I will mention (and I should update my portfolio page), I do not include my retirement or Roth IRA account dividends here (at least for now). That may change soon, but for now, I am just disclosing what my personal decisions have done for me.

The big one this month is my direct investment (usually tends to be). I hold a small stake in Cisco for my direct investments, and it payed out $19.84 in January for dividends. That's a good base to start on.

From there, my smaller investments take over, and combined, they pump my dividends up another $18.13, for a total of $37.97 That's $37.97 payed in January 2019, a year over year increase of 110.48% for January. This is a good start.

I will give a small heads up, my March this year will be hurting in YoY, as last year, I had to sell a few stocks to payoff some student loans, but I think that will help in the long run. But for now, I will go ahead and put my usual info below. Please take a peak, and let me know what you think of my January dividends. And as always, Keep pushing forward!


CSCO $19.84
PSEC $1.26
GLAD $0.42
HRZN $0.20
ORC $1.04
AGNC $0.54
O      $0.22
MFA $0.80
ETJ   $0.99
BSJQ $1.27
SOHO $1.25
HPE $0.11
GOOD $0.13
STX $0.63
GE    $0.01
MAIN $0.20
GAIN $0.14
GNL $0.18
HIHO $0.15
GMRE $2.00
MPW $0.25
PPL  $0.41
TWO $1.41
KCAP $1.20
BKCC $0.54
ACRE $0.31
AINV $0.45
DOC $0.46
UNIT $0.60
KBWD $0.44
LTC  $0.38
SDIV $0.14

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Purchases and made since December 31, 2018

So, I said I wanted to post on my increases and purchases, and here we are. I wanted to share what I have done recently to increase my dividends going forward. So starting December 31, 2018, I made a few purchases to that end. To start out, I made a few what I would call riskier investments.

I purchased 10 shares of ETJ for about $8.46 per share, for a total of $84.59. This worked to increase my forward dividend $9.20.

Next was another risky investment. I purchased 8 shares of GLAD for $8.54 per share, for a total of $68.32. This increased my forward dividend by $6.72.

Following that on my list were 7 shares of AGNC for $17.99 per share, for a total of $125.93. But this purchase did help increase my forward dividend by $15.12.

More risky shares to follow, with 2 shares of TWO for $26.04 ($13.02 a share), 1 share of GAIN for $9.49 and 10 BSJQ shares for $235.28. These increased my FD by $3.76, $.72 and $18 respectively.

I did have some stable stocks purchased. I bought 1 share of O this month for $64.74 to increase FD by $2.65.

I also bought a share of AEP for $73.80 and 2 shares of ABBV for 180.07. These worked to increase my FD by $2.68 and $8.56 respectively.

Overall, I made $868.26 worth of purchases (which is extremely high for me, and not likely to happen again for a while) to increase my forward dividend by $67.42. This is huge for me. As noted, I do have some risky investments here. REITs are a base for me right now, as they pay monthly and have a nice dividend. But the risk involved could come back to bite me. REITs could reduce very quickly. It is why I try to find balanced stocks to pair with high risk stocks. As time goes forward, those balanced stocks will overtake my REITs, reducing my overall risk.

I am still working on what I mentioned before, trying to buy less stock that is new to my portfolio, and trying to get my current positions to pay $1 per month (when dividends are paid) or 10 shares per stock. Once all my stocks do that, I will move on to purchasing new positions. I think Dominion or AEP are going to be my next goals. I also have something to work on in the near future, but I will post on that once that task is complete. Sorry if this post is jumpy. I am typing in between being really busy.

Keep pushing forward!


Thursday, January 24, 2019

December 2018 Dividends, and End of Year Totals

Alright, so to start out, sorry I have been away so long. I have been working on many things, and have stayed extraordinarily busy. But, I am finally back, and here to report on my December 2018 dividends, and dividends total for 2018. So for starters, here are the December 2018 dividends. I made $14.41 with my investment account, and combined with my direct investments of $33.26, I made a nice $47.67 in December 2018, for a Year over Year increase of 46%. Not as high as previous months, but not bad. See below for the full breakdown.

Now for the good part. In 2018 overall, I had a dividend income of $390.70. That is a Year over Year increase of 90.05%! I am ecstatic with this, and am hoping to continue the trend in 2019. So far, it is looking promising, but I will have a post on that later. For now, I will just post December results, and be happy.

Keep pushing forward!


F $24.01
INTC $9.25

Investment Account:
PSEC $1.26
GLAD $0.42
HRZN $0.20
ORC $0.96
AGNC $0.54
O $0.22
KR $0.14
OCSL $1.14
ETJ $0.23
NAVI $1.28
ARCC $0.39
GOOD $0.13
CTL $1.08
F $0.15
INTC $1.80
AEP $0.67
MAIN $0.48
GAIN $0.13
GNL $0.18
GM $0.38
D $0.84
DEA $0.26
PFE $0.34
BSJI $0.02
KBWD $0.42
LTC $0.19
PFF $0.42
SDIV $0.14

Thursday, July 5, 2018

June 2018 Dividends

So, it is coming to one of my favorite parts of the month. It's time to look back and see how the June dividends did. In June, my biggest earners were Ford and Intel, with $19.21 and $13.40 respectively. Below those, you can see my usual build of monthly dividend stocks, and other small positions I hold. This is a good month though, as NAVI and D payed out dividends in June. after the dividend, I sold my shares of HCFT and used them for other stocks with better outlooks. My total for June 2018 came out to $44.43. This is 115% percent what I earned June 2017, and I am extremely proud of that. If I can continue this trend, I can end 2018 with 100% YoY over my 2017 portfolio.

Unfortunately, due to some other circumstances, I had to sell about 20 shares of my Intel stock. I used it to pay down some of my personal debt, which will help me increase my future capital that I can use to increase my forward dividends. I am going to try my hardest to make up what I lost, and try to continue my YoY gains in 2018. Wish me luck. I am excited to see what others have done this month. As always, keep pushing towards FI, and thanks for reading.


P.S. You may notice I have two different listing of both F (and soon INTC). This is because I hold shares in both my direct investments and my portfolio separately.

F - $19.21
INTC - $13.40
PSEC - $1.26
GLAD - $0.28
HRZN - $0.10
ORC - $0.99
AGNC - $0.54
O - $0.22
KR - $0.13
OCSL - $1.14
ETJ - $0.08
NAVI - $1.28
ARCC - $0.38
GOOD - $0.13
CTL - $1.08
F - $0.15
AEP - $0.62
MAIN - $0.47
GAIN - $0.07
GNL - $0.18
GM - $0.38
D - $0.84
HCFT (Formerly OAKS) - $0.04
DEA - $0.26
PFE - $0.34
BSJI - $0.06
KBWD - $0.29
LTC - $0.19
PFF - $0.19
SDIV - $0.13

Friday, June 29, 2018

Strategy for building my portfolio

Hi all, I wanted to get in a quick update post before June finished, and I post the June dividend results. After looking at my portfolio, and building a nice set of stocks, I looked through, and realized that I own very few stocks with more than 1 share. I am diversified (granted, with a lot of REITs), but I do not have much holding in many companies.

So I put together a strategy of instead of building a lot of one off stocks, I will concentrate on building my portfolio to include at least 10 shares of each stock. As a secondary, I am also deciding that if my stocks are low dividend, I will try to get it to a $1 payout instead of 10 shares.

My first purchase to this end was 8 shares of GMRE, to bring it up to 10 shares. This should bring in $2 each quarter, so a cool $8 in forward dividends. I am also working on GLAD, which due to their $.07 per share a month payout, I will need to own at least 15 shares, to bring in $1.05 a month, which is $12.60 in forward dividends. I only own 6 shares in GLAD now, so I have some work to do.

I currently own 11 shares in ORC, so I will buy one more, since they decreased their dividend to $.09 per share a month. I also need 2 more shares of NAVI to bring it to 10 shares. The biggest companies I will have a hard time doing this for is D and AEP, as they are bigger companies and will cost a pretty penny to bring within my goal range. As I have stated when I started this blog, I am just a normal guy, so the money to bring about this goal will be a slow process. But I hope to keep pushing forward and reach FI.

P.S. I finally got my portfolio page up!

Thanks for reading,


Monday, June 4, 2018

May 2018 Dividends

Hello again. Sorry, as this is only my second post. I am trying to get out update posts, but am very new to blogging. I will try to put up my portfolio soon, but for now, it is time to look at my May dividends.

My four primary stocks that I have an automatic recurring investments are Cisco, Ford, Intel and Verizon. In May, Verizon payed the only dividend of these. My Verizon dividend was $17.04. The rest of my dividends are from amalgamations that I have put together over time:
VZ - $17.04
PSEC - $1.26
GLAD - $0.28
HRZN - $0.10
ORC - $0.99
AGNC - $0.54
O - $0.22
T - $0.50
GOOD - $0.13
MAIN - $0.19
GAIN - $0.07
GNL - $0.18
TAIT - $0.08
OHI - $1.32
OAKS - $0.04
CZNC - $0.27
KBWD - $0.30

So my total May 2018 dividends were.....$23.70. Woooooo!! I know to many it may not seem like much, but to me, this is great. I started out in mid late 2015. My first dividend was October 2015. So in May 2016, I made $2.72. The year after that in May 2017, I made $11.04. So now, for May 2018 to be $23.70, that is a 114.67% increase over May 2017. So that is substantial. Like I said, I am a normal guy. Nothing special. So I like seeing how this can build over the year. Hopefully, I will do even better next year. Talk to you soon.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

A little about me

So, I should probably start this first post with a little about me. I wanted to start a blog about my journey into the stock market, and dividends to hopefully give some inspiration to people who are like me. People who are not finance people. I'm just a 27 year old guy with a normal 8 to 5 job. I am not in finance, I don't have rental properties, or a 6 figure income. I scrape by with a middle salary job (Think about $52,000 a year, $32,000 after taxes, and that is before mortgage, bills, students loans, car loans, etc). But I wanted to start and look at the possibility of retiring when I am 45. We will see how this goes. I started investing about 3 and a half years ago, and remember my first month of dividends. I received 31 cents. Ever since then, I have been building up. It is not a quick thing. I have built up slowly, piece by piece. Now, as of last month, I received $22.98 in dividends (more on that later). Like I said, a slow build. I definitely have a comfortable job, but by no means am I rich. That is the point of this blog. Just a regular old guy seeing what I can do. Thanks for reading this first post. Hopefully more to come.


January 2019 Dividend Income

Here we are once again. I am rapid firing these posts. That will probably slow down soon, but for now, I wanted to get a jump on 2019, and p...